Dublin Prostitution Sting Leads to 12 Arrests

10 women and two men arrested Wednesday.

A dozen people were arrested after a prostitution sting at a Dublin hotel Wednesday.

Two men and 10 women who advertised sexual services in the city of Dublin were arrested on suspicion of prostitution, according to Lt. Linda Thuman.

Dublin's Special Investigations Unit coordinated the sting. Police said they were targeting people using the Internet for prostitution.

Police declined to disclose at which hotel they conducted the sting.

John DeKoven April 11, 2011 at 11:07 PM
The internet is great because we have these kinds of debates, but it's also not great because people can make comments without having to look someone in the eye or even just be "anonymous". Janice, while I don't agree with you I would prefer to have a more civil debate about it. I don't quite understand why you and others are against the legalization of prostitution - and let me be very clear I am not saying this for any selfish reasons as I am a very happily married man. You can re-read my earlier post with my reasons why it should be. However, let's look at another example of something that is legal that at one time was not - abortion. I don't want to debate the morals of this, but just the face that right now it is legal and what options are open to women. If a woman wants to get an abortion she can go to her doctor, medical clinic, Planned Parenthood etc There are no "back alley" operations or illegal places to go. Why is that"? Because if a woman has a choice are they going to go to a legitimate place or an illegal place. Yes they are going to go legit which will put the unligit out of business. It's the same with prostitution. If someone wants to see a prostitute, are they going to go to a legit place where they know the women get tested regularly, are clean with no disease, and they won't get mugged ? Or are they going to meet someone off craigslist and meet them at a Motel 6? Please show me where I am wrong. I have an open mind.
Danielle April 26, 2011 at 03:35 PM
Your argument is full of holes. I'll use alcohol to illustrate. Alcohol may be "legal" and "regulated", but that doesn't stop drunk driving (including innocent deaths which result from DUIs), alcoholism, alcohol poisoning/death, domestic violence (from drunken abusers), broken families, alcohol-related diseases (e.g. cirrhosis of the liver), alcohol induced crime/violence, etc. Similarly, legalizing prostitution will not create a Utopian sex industry, like you seem to think. Regulating it will not be able to completely and effectively stop the spread of diseases. It won't help the men and women who suffer from sex addictions which lead them to either become or solicit prostitutes (prostitution is a level two sex addiction, along with voyeurism, exhibitionism, and inappropriate/non-consensual touching; and this can progress to level three sex addiction which includes rape and child molestation, if left uncontrolled and untreated). It won't stop people from bypassing the regulations (and taxes) in order to engage in prostitution (it's way too easy to do, so it's guaranteed that people will attempt to profit from "black market" prostitution). It won't stop young women, who are really too inexperienced in the world to understand the long term ramifications of such choices, from selling their bodies to make "easy" money. It wont stop women and children from being pushed into illegal prostitution (because there will still be a "market" for that kind of exploitation).
vicki April 27, 2011 at 01:54 AM
Notice how the men are defending the prostitution? Are you guys that shallow to WANT to legalize prostitution? And legalize marijuana? Oh please. Why is it on this blog that the women have the brains? I COMPLETELY agree with Longtime Resident, Janice P Ellis, and Danielle. They are obviously educated. Please guys, re-read their remarks and get a life. When you finally realize they are correct, it will be like coming out of a fog - WHICH YOU ARE IN - and you will thank me afterward.
John DeKoven April 27, 2011 at 09:41 PM
Vicki, When people resort to name calling in a debate it makes me immediately discredit anything they have to say. I believe people can have opposing views and just because someone doesn't believe what I believe, I don't say that they have not brains or are not educated. Let me assure you I have plenty of brains and education and my successes in life and degrees prove it. A matter of fact in your message all you say is that you completely agree with ..... They are obviously educated. So I guess that only people that agree with you are educated? John DeKoven (notice how I'm not afraid to attach my full real name to this)
Janice P Ellis April 28, 2011 at 12:16 AM
John DeKoven - I'm against the legalization of prostitution because, legal or not, it still exploits women, not to mention doesn't do much for a woman's self-esteem. I'm sure there are many reasons why some women become involved in prostitution, but, I believe the majority of women would be surprised to know that they have untapped skills and knowledge that would allow them to provide for themselves and/or their families that did not involve selling their bodies for sex. I believe your comparision of abortion to prostitution is like comparing apples to oranges; they may be in the same ballpark (still a stretch), but, they are absolutely not the same. My focus isn't the legalization or non-legalization of prostitution, but, rather, the desire that women would know that they don't have to resort to prostitution; that they can achieve much more than they give themselves credit for, so that they don't have to sell themselves to men who could really care less if they live or die. If more women really got this message, we'd ALL be the better for it.


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