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Writing Letters: Is Snail Mail Still Thriving?

Before email there was letters. Do you still write letters? If not, what has changed that made you stop?

Birthdays, Anniversaries or Just Because. Occasions come and go and with our busy schedules, it is hard to find the time to let the people you know you are thinking of them.

But handwritten sentiments can sometimes be appreciated more than your efficacious emails. Oh how I yearn for the stack of paper envelopes with my name handwritten next to my address, full of words of wisdom, of thoughts and of thank yous

I do still get the occasional "Thank you" card or the "Happy Anniversary" one, heartfelt and warm. But I would love to curl up on the couch and rip open an envelope filled with sheets of binder paper or pretty stationary with correspondence scribbled nicely on it.

"Snail Mail My Email" is a month-long project that began with the hopes to revive the lost art of letter writing, only by incorporating email writing as the motivation.

You write what you want to send to someone, add address and person you want to send to, you email it to the good people of Snail Mail My Email and they send it for free within a few business days. There are even add in extras like a spray of perfume, flower petal, doodle, or lipstick smooch.

The concept of the project I think is a great one as it reminds us of the whimsy behind sending a note and knowing that someone will open it with sheer delight.  

The thought of letter writing has pervaded my mind from time to time. Our Postal Service is affected by this. If you think about it, who doesn't write emails or send texts to communicate to each other these days?

Why send letters when we can send an email and it will get to the person we want to in less than half the time it takes to send a letter in the mail. Have we lost the pure joy in sitting and taking time to compose a letter to someone or have we just gotten pulled into efficiency mode, a trait for those of us who work so hard on a daily basis?

Even if we send one letter a month, we may begin to get back to the basics of human communication.

To snail mail your email go to: http://snailmailmyemail.org/ The project goes on until Aug. 15th.

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Pat McQuillister August 15, 2011 at 05:50 PM
Years ago I started a "Cousins Club" with cousins who lived less than 10-15 miles away, but back in the day, to call one of them on the phone was considered a "toll call" and too expensive. We communicated by "snail mail", creating what I would now consider works of art--we would cut pictures out of magazines and paste them in our letters (the original "cut and paste"method) or make envelopes out of construction paper and make our own designs on the envelopes. It was always fun, waiting with anticipation, for that letter to come in the mail.
Paul Ruiz August 16, 2011 at 01:40 AM
I think this is a cool idea. I have always wanted to start a penpal correspondence movement in my after school program for a junior high.
Stephanie Harper August 25, 2011 at 06:55 PM
Great idea Pat! I love the anticipation of waiting for a letter in the mail. Paul - The kids would love it and it would savor the idea of writing letters. Not to mention researching who to write to will be fun. Let me know if you ever did start it. I'd like to write a follow up on it. Thanks for your comments!
Carol L. Stefan August 31, 2011 at 02:31 PM
When my daughter was ten, about eight years ago, she asked a friend of hers to write to her at camp. He said he couldn't do it because he didn't know how to do the envelope! Now even email is becoming passé in favor of texting. Faster and faster!
Stephanie Harper August 31, 2011 at 04:04 PM
How funny! I have three kids all under age 9. I hope to keep letter writing alive with them since they are growing up in a texting world. I was watching a kids' show on Disney with them the other day and there was a spoof on wall phones. The girls in the episode didn't know what one was or how to use when their mother was telling them to make a phone call on it and handed them the yellow pages to which they had a boggled look on their face. I just know my kids love to get mail and that tells me the idea of writing a letter is not too far gone. And yes, texting sure does seem more efficient.


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