Jimmy Fallon Jests about Indianapolis Colt from East Bay

The comedian joked about Matt Overton as part of his 'Late Night Superlatives' on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Screenshot of Matt Overton's Twitter page
Screenshot of Matt Overton's Twitter page
Matt Overton of Tracy, a long snapper who plays for the Indianapolis Colts, was part of an NFL roast on Nov. 1 during Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon, who selects different NFL players each week as part of the segment, "Late Night Superlatives" quipped that Overton was "Most likely to be the love child of Vince Vaughn, Johnny Knoxville, and the guy from flipping out."

Overton, took the soft jab like a good sport, tweeting about the shout out the next morning saying, "Woke up to find out @jimmyfallon @LateNightJimmy gave me a little s/o last night lol "

Overton's family currently lives in Dublin. Overton's father, Tom Overton, played for Cal-State Hayward, according to the Colt's team page. Overton was signed with the Colts in April of 2012.

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