Valley Christian Schools Announces New Superintendent of Schools

Chuck Fleming has been appointed.

From Valley Christian Schools:

Valley Christian Schools recently announced the appointment of Mr. Chuck Fleming as its new Superintendent of Schools. The appointment of Mr. Fleming to the existing faculty further positions the Schools as a compelling option among the Tri-Valley’s educational offerings. Mr. Fleming’s existing position as Director of Performing Arts gives him a unique advantage as he transitions into this new role, bringing with him the strength of knowing the culture, mission and values of an organization about which he is already passionate.

“Mr. Fleming reverse engineers education,” says Dr. Roger Valci, Lead Pastor of Valley Christian Center. “He starts with the skills necessary for the 21st century workforce and then caters the educational experience to that end.”

“Good education is simply about creating great experiences for young people; our goal at Valley Christian Schools is to create the kinds of experiences that will equip our students to make the best contribution possible to their world,” says Mr. Chuck Fleming.

Mr. Fleming graduated from Baylor University in 1984 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music. In 1994, Mr. Fleming entered into vocational ministry, working in children’s and young adult ministry, discipleship, and ministry organization, as well as becoming ordained as a minister. In 2000, Calvary Chapel Bible College opened an extension campus in the United Kingdom and asked him to establish the campus and serve as Academic Director, which he did for seven semesters.

In 2011, Mr. Fleming received his Master of Arts in Teaching degree from the University of Southern California, where he received special training in urban education and the changing demands of modern instruction. His research included English language learning development, academic student motivation, and differentiated instruction.

Chuck Fleming acknowledges that the changing face of the twenty-first century
workplace requires an intentional and strategic approach to education that will produce critical thinkers, problem solvers, effective collaborators, and men and women of integrity. He believes this requires aggressive leadership in educational change that is characterized by a thorough knowledge of the demands of the modern workplace by schools with the commitment and flexibility to prepare young men and women for dynamic contribution through an informed strategy based on a thorough understanding of content standards, human motivation, brain research, and models of proven success. Mr. Fleming has committed his life and the combination of his collective experiences to the establishment of an educational environment that facilitates the development of the whole unique child—spirit, mind, body, and character—in preparation to enter the most ambiguous workforce in memorable history.

Valley Christian Schools places strong emphasis on providing a culture that creates great experiences for and fosters the unique giftings of each student. These opportunities come in the form of academics, the arts, athletics, spiritual growth, leadership, community service and the building and fostering of relationships. Opportunities are created for students to think critically, learn independently, and communicate effectively, while applying Biblical principals
toward personal growth and development of their faith.


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