DPIE Summer Enrichment Academy: A Head Start for High School Students

Still time to register.

By Chris Bennett, Board Member Dublin Partners in Education:

If you’re a parent wondering how to help your student succeed in high school by taking the classes she or he really wants, consider signing your child up for the 2012 Summer Enrichment Academy provided by Dublin Partners in Education (DPIE).

This program, which will be held at Dublin High School in the Math and Science Building, allows students to complete mandatory classes during the summer.

As a result, their schedule is opened up so they can participate in desired classes such as band, AP prep courses and the engineering pathway program.

This fee-based, optional enrichment program does not replace the district summer program that will still offer credit recovery classes. Instead, the
Summer Academy adds options for those families who choose to participate.

The courses offered through DPIE Summer Academy provide the same curriculum offered at DHS during the regular school year, and they have been approved for credit by the Dublin Board of Trustees.

Please note that this private enrichment program is open to students from throughout the Tri-Valley area.

However, Dublin High School students have priority to sign up through April 22nd before students from other districts are allowed to register. All registration is done online.

When registering please be ready to provide the following information: student's ID number, class requested, and credit card for full payment. Without these three items registration cannot be completed.

Most of the course offerings this summer are full-year classes, including Speech and Debate, World History,
 U.S. History,
 Spanish 1,
 Geometry and
 Honors Chemistry/Lab. In addition, Health and P.E. are offered as semester classes.

Please note that Geometry and Honors Chemistry have prerequisites and require additional class time, in addition to higher fees. Also, current 8th graders cannot sign-up for freshman P.E. due to state requirements.

All classes are considered academically strenuous, and all are subject to sufficient enrollment.

Full-year courses grant 10 units of credit and run for 6 weeks; these classes cost $550.00.

One semester courses grant 5 units of credit and run for 3 weeks; these classes cost $410.00. Note that Geometry class is $590.00 due to the extra instruction time, and Honors Chemistry class is $630.00 due to the extra instruction time and lab fees.

The Academy is structured in two semesters, with the first semester beginning on June 18 and finishing on July 6. The second semester begins on July 9 and ends on July 26. All classes will run from 8 am to 1 pm Monday through Thursday (except the week of July 4).

To register or for more information, please visit the website.


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