Students Get A Glimpse Into The Working World

Dublin High brings in industry professionals to give seniors a taste of what a job interview will be like

seniors got a glimpse Tuesday of where they might be sitting four or five years from now.

Students in the school's Consumer Health Employment Education classes filed into the campus library to be interviewed by industry professionals as if they were applying for a job.

Eighty students sat down for the experience over four class periods. More than 30 industry representatives participated in the interviews. One of them was Patch associate regional editor David Mills.

"It gives them real world experience," said Holly Gallaway, one of the CHEE teachers. "I can tell them all I want in the classroom what it's like to have a job interview, but this gives them a real feel for it."

The interview seminar is done every semester in the CHEE classes. They are a requirement for graduation this year, but next year they will become an elective.

During the semester, students are taught how to compile a resume, how to talk to an interviewer, how to list references and how to dress for a job interview.

Gallaway said the students learn a number of skills, but perhaps the most important is communicating face to face with someone who is older than them.

During the semester, they are also taught financial planning as well as health-related skills, among other things.

"It really teaches them life skills. It gets them prepared for life," said Gallaway.


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