Kolb Elementary Walks Away with Alameda County 'Platinum Sneaker' Award

62 percent of the students at Kolb walked, biked, rolled or carpooled to school during the contest.

DUBLIN, CA: Kolb Elementary. Photo credit: Elizabeth Early/ Patch photo archive
DUBLIN, CA: Kolb Elementary. Photo credit: Elizabeth Early/ Patch photo archive

Information submitted by Alameda County Transportation Commission—

During the first two weeks in March, students from 72 schools throughout Alameda County walked and rolled to school as part of the third annual Pollution Solution Golden Sneaker Contest. 

Children tallied their participation, and the class at each school with the most walkers, bicyclers, skateboarders, carpoolers or transit riders won the coveted Golden Sneaker award.

Now, the Alameda County Transportation Commission, in partnership with the Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools Program is proud to announce the winner of the "Platinum Sneaker," the award that goes to the school with the greatest increase in the number of students using green modes of transportation during the contest.

The winner this year is Kolb Elementary School in Dublin. On a typical day prior to the contest, 39 percent of Kolb's students walked, biked or carpooled to school. During the Golden Sneaker Contest, 62 percent did! That means 175 additional kids increased their physical activity and helped to reduce emissions from cars.   

The contest is sponsored by Alameda County's Safe Routes to School Program, funded by the Alameda County Transportation Commission and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. In 2014, about 34,000 children participated countywide in the contest.  

"This contest is a great way that we support healthy and fun choices for kids and their families," says Alameda CTC Chair Supervisor Scott Haggerty. "Teaching a new generation about active transportation may lead to future lifestyle choices that result in less traffic, better air quality and an improved quality of life."

Kolb Elementary was honored by the Alameda CTC at the Alameda CTC Commission meeting on March 27.


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