Dublin High: Back to School with Big Changes Ahead

A Dublin High School Class of 2013 sophomore debuts as a columnist and talks about the changes at Dublin High School this year.

The first day of school always brings anxiety, but for Dublin High students the first day meant big changes – and not just for the incoming freshmen.

This year, Dublin High School opened with no lockers. Both Wells and Fallon Middle School students use lockers, so this was a major change for students.  Earlier this year the school board decided to remove lockers in the new school remodeling to save money and after reviewing other local high schools without lockers (such as Foothill High School in Pleasanton).

Starting the new school year without lockers was nerve-wracking for many students.

Veronica Kang, a sophomore, explained, "I thought it was going to be horrible because I'd have to carry all my binders."However, after the first week of school, most students realized that it wasn't that bad. After getting used to the no-locker situation, Kang said that, "It actually hasn't been that bad. The class set of textbooks helped a lot, and also I don't have to remember the combo."

Unfortunately, not all students are happy about the situation. Some students have teachers who require a lot of binders, so a couple of students have resorted to storing binders in their cars and scrambling to get their binders during passing periods. Fortunately, the school administration has been notified about the binder issue and is planning to address the problem.

The end of lockers is just the start of major changes coming to Dublin High's campus this school year.  In the coming months students will see the opening of the new sports center and in January students will move into the new Humanities and Administrative buildings. Now the freshmen aren't the only ones experiencing major changes.  

Five years ago, the Dublin High School Master Plan was put into action and construction started  transforming Dublin High into a brand new beautiful school. According to Dublin High principal, Carol Shimizu, Dublin High is expanding to accommodate a maximum of about 2,500 students. This school year, the second phase will come to a close.

In October, the new sports center will open up which is great news to all of the school's athletes. Next comes the Humanities and Administrative buildings just after winter break. These buildings will include English, foreign language, social studies, special education, art, a library, a counseling/career center and administrative offices.

In the coming years Dublin High will have a new cafeteria (student café), a new building for student consumer/family studies and a new music building, including a 500-seat Performing Arts Center. Dublin High students have multiple ribbon-cutting ceremonies to look forward to in the years ahead!

All the changes going on at Dublin High School could make a student's head spin.  But it's nice to know that Dublin has such a great school where exciting changes are always happening.



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