Federal Budget Cuts Could Hit Camp Parks in Dublin

Schools, child-care centers, IRS offices will all feel the effects of the so-called sequester cuts expected to kick on Friday

If the sequester happens on Friday as expected, the deep cuts in the federal budget will reach the neighborhood level in Dublin and other communities.

If a congressional compromise isn't reached, $85 billion will be cut from the federal budget over the next year.

In California, it's expected there will be $87 million in education cuts as well as reductions in federal funding for environmental, public health, child care and other services.

Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-Dublin) commented via, email:

The automatic across-the-board budget cuts known as the sequester threaten our fragile economy and will have real consequences, to real people in the Fifteenth Congressional District.  In my district alone, schools will lose $11 million in federal funding.  It also means 225,000 jobs put at risk across California, 9,600 fewer low income students in California receiving aid to help them finance the costs of college, and the loss of approximately $5.4 million in funds that provide meals for seniors. 

That’s why I co-sponsored a bill, H.R. 699, that would replace the sequester in a balanced manner with smart spending reductions and new revenue from multimillionaires.  It is the height of irresponsibility to let these cuts go into effect, and it is my hope that we reach a solution that will reduce our deficit and strengthen our economy.

At the local level, schools will probably be the most affected.

The Dublin Unified School District faces potential cuts as deep as $353,000 slashed from $4.3 million in federal aid.

Head Start programs across California will receive less money. It's estimated 8,200 would have reduced access to services.

The cuts could also reduce the hours at federal offices.

Police departments in California are expected to lose $1.6 million in Justice Assistance Grants that support programs such as crime prevention, drug treatment and witness support.

Dublin Mayor Tim Sbranti wrote, via email:

Based on the information we've received, it does not appear as if there will be any direct impacts from sequestration on the City of Dublin in the near term. However, there will be some indirect unintended consequences to our economy due to the fact that there are multiple federal facilities located in Dublin (i.e. Camp Parks, corrections, etc.) along with local businesses that have contracts
with the federal government. These will all be cut. There will also be substantial cuts to local social service providers that could have long-term implications on the City because the cuts could lead to increased needs and less resources to pay for them.

Finally, job assistance programs are expected to receive $3.3 million less in federal funding. That would affect about 130,000 job seekers.


Audrey Millar February 28, 2013 at 03:45 PM
I really hope this does not happen.
Punxnotdead March 04, 2013 at 06:20 PM
Interesting to note that Senate/Congressional salaries are not impacted by these cuts. How about the Federal workers in DC take a 10% pay-cut across the board? Why are we as taxpayers funding lifetime pensions for Congress? More people need to vote Libertarian to stop this waste. Both major parties support lining their own pockets.


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