Dublin Officials Say 'You Are a Piece of the Dublin Puzzle'

They are asking for the community to give their opinions about Dublin

Information provided by the City of Dublin—

The City of Dublin invites the community to participate in an online survey to provide their opinion about the city in which they live.  The Community Survey has been developed to obtain feedback as part of the City’s Branding and Marketing project currently underway.  The Survey will help to inform the development of Dublin’s brand.   The Survey will be available December 9, 2013, through January 9, 2014, on the City’s website, www.dublin.ca.gov/branding.

In the past year, the Dublin City Council identified a need to develop a comprehensive branding and marketing plan for the community.  More than a slogan or a logo, an effective brand focuses on a cohesive message and consistent feel that expresses the unique identity of Dublin, both to members of the Dublin community and to people located outside of Dublin.  

“The goal of this effort is to develop an identity for the community that is consistent and realistic of how our residents and businesses feel about Dublin,” said Linda Smith, the City’s Economic Development Director.  “We want the community to speak with a common voice and purpose when promoting Dublin as a community in which to live, a destination to visit, or a place to start or grow a business.  This branding and marketing effort will give us the tools to achieve that.”

The City has partnered with North Star Destination Strategies to complete the Branding and Marketing project.  Work is already underway to develop the City’s brand identity.  Beginning in November 2013, a variety of research began, which included interviews, focus groups, and information gathering.  The next step in the process is to obtain feedback about the community in the Community Survey.  The City enthusiastically invites anyone interested to participate in this important next step by taking the online survey.  The brand will likely be unveiled in Summer 2014.

For more information about the Dublin Branding and Marketing project, please contact Linda Smith, Economic Development Director at economic.development@dublin.ca.gov or by phone (925) 833-6650.


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