Drought: Water Play Areas in City Parks Only Turned on for Limited Hours & During Excessive Heat

The water features for play are at both Emerald Glen Park and Shannon Parks.

In response to the Dublin City Council's issuance of a drought State of Emergency, the City has adjusted the operations of the water play areas at its parks, turning on the water features when temperatures are forecast to be very high. The Emerald Glen Park and Shannon Park water play areas will be operational only in the event of temperatures forecast to be 90 degrees or above, and only during the hours of 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM, from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend. The Devany Square water play feature will be shut off during the drought.

A City webpage, www.dublin.ca.gov/drought, will be updated daily by 9:00 AM to indicate the daily operational schedule for the water play areas (based on the weather forecast). In anticipation of warm temperatures during Memorial Day weekend, the water play area at Emerald Glen Park will be open on Sunday, May 25. The water play area at Shannon Park is still under renovation, but should be opening in early June.

Both the Emerald Glen Park and Shannon Park water play areas use recirculating water systems that filter and treat the water for reuse. Over the past several years, the City of Dublin has adjusted operations to decrease the amount of potable (drinking) water used for municipal operations. Currently, recycled water comprises 66% of the water used for municipal operations such as landscaping in parks and medians.

—Information submitted by City of Dublin


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