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Drought Prompts City to Declare State of Emergency

The State of Emergency for the Dublin community will be reviewed monthly

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Patch photo archive
Information submitted by City of Dublin—

The City Council unanimously passed a resolution issuing a State of Emergency in the City of Dublin due to extreme drought conditions. The matter was brought to the Council for consideration at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting. 

Citing the extreme dry conditions throughout the State of California, the City Council took the unprecedented action in support of the community’s water agencies – the Dublin San Ramon Services District and Zone 7 – who are dealing with the impact of the State Water Project’s (SWP) zero allocation to the region. 

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The region receives more than 80 percent of its annual water supply from the SWP. Without any allocation, Zone 7 and Dublin San Ramon Services District will be relying solely on groundwater storage and run off stored in Lake Del Valle.
Groundwater storage provides only a limited water supply for basic needs and will not support continued outdoor water use. Therefore, the water agencies are asking for a 40 percent reduction of outdoor irrigation and a five percent reduction in indoor use. 

The State of Emergency for the Dublin community will be reviewed monthly, and remain in place until the City Council determines the situation has improved enough to terminate the declaration.

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On January 17, Governor Brown declared a State of Emergency for the State of California, and called on all Californians to conserve water with the goal of reducing consumption by 20 percent. The Zone 7 Board of Directors and the Dublin San Ramon Services District Board of Directors has declared community drought emergencies.

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