Candidates Discuss the Achievement That Has Best Prepared Them for City Council

Stay tuned this week as we share answers to questions Patch sent to the City Council candidates.

Tell us about the achievement you are most proud of that has also prepared you for this position?

Kevin Hart

I am most proud of being able to watch kids play soccer at the Fallon Sports Park or adults or children playing basketball.  The Historic Park with its rich history to Dublin and how people can use the facilities and the beautiful grass.  Two BART stations with economic development ready to happen near and around the station.  Too many things to list.

Doreen Wehrenberg

I am very proud of the high quality homes and businesses I approved during my tenure as a Planning Commissioner. We have a variety of housing choices, open space with trails and bike paths, including areas for new parks with a variety of recreational opportunities. We have pushed towards sustainable designs preserving our natural resources and reducing our carbon footprint.  The City has grown quite well over the past thirty years. I give credit to good planning and design standards set in advance. I hope to continue building a sustainable community and safeguard a high quality of life to the Dublin residents.

Shawn Costello

I have 14 years of college and I had two years of bookkeeping and I have had a certificate for about 20 years on bookkeeping. When I have had the 14 years of college, I spent a lot of time in the public eye because I was on stage a lot and I was on the radio for eight years as a disc jockey.

Anita Carr

I would have to say the Historic Preservation.

As Commissioner for the Heritage and Cultural Arts Commission for 6 years I had been interested in the Military Museum at Camp Parks.  While Chairman of the Commission I schedule one of our meetings at Camp Parks after which we were given a docent-led tour of the Military Museum, which had an amazing collection of military memorabilia related to the history of Camp Parks.  Since 1942 Camp Parks has been home to Navy, Air Force and Army at various times.  During World War II Camp Parks had the vital Navy Seabee unit.

Today, the sprawling base's mission is similar to its World War II mission. Thousands of National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers—and 94 Naval Reserve Seabees' train for war at Camp Parks. One occupant, 1st Brigade of the 91st Division trains Army units using computer simulators. The base supports some 11,000 San Francisco Bay Area Army Reserve and California National Guard Soldiers from 180 units. Many of these units train at Camp Parks for two weeks each summer.

When I learned that the Army had intended to send the museum artifacts to a Midwestern state I contacted Congressman McNerney’s office and they were instrumental in setting up a meeting between myself and Lt. Col. Friend at Camp Parks.  At that meeting I provided some ideas to Lt. Col. Friend on how we could partner with the military to ensure that the museum collection did not leave the Dublin area.  One idea was to form a task force comprised of members of the military and the city.  After that successful meeting I contacted Mayor Tim Sbranti who formed the task force.

On April 29, 2012 the exhibit We Can Build, We Can Fight: The U.S. Navy Seabees in WWII Dublin opened at the Dublin Heritage Park and Museum.  We Can Build, We Can Fight featured historical documents and artifacts from the recently acquired Camp Parks Collection.

I am quite proud of the fact that I was able to provide the leadership which enabled a partnership between our city and the military in order to keep the Camp Parks Collection in our local area.

My next goal is to endeavor to find a permanent location to house the historic collection.

David Haubert

10 years of growth in school test scores - a proven track record of success

Shehu Hassan

My strong background in business and public service has prepared me for this position. I was the President of a medical services company with clients as large as Kaiser Permanente and John Muir Medical center and as small as private medical offices. I understand what it takes to run a highly effective organization. I was also the CEO of a office furniture company, a company that I built from the scratch that served clients such as Santa Clara university where the company was the sole office furniture supplier, the company also supplied several high tech companies.

The company was also the preferred vendor of several cities and municipalities. As a former board member of Holy Family day home, the oldest earliest educational institutions in California, I helped in raising over $5M for the capital project. Using my contacts within the high tech
industries, I have helped in forming and fostering successful private /public partnerships.

I received a commendation of service from Sunnyvale School District. I was one of the early champions of bringing internet into the classrooms. I currently serve as a volunteer on both the international and program board of the Commonwealth Club of CA.

I have BA degree from San Jose State University; certificate from U.C. Berkeley and attended University of Denver graduate school.

In case you missed it:

  • What is the most challenging issue in Dublin?
  • What sets you apart from the other candidates?
DeeDee M October 28, 2012 at 05:22 PM
David makes claims to ‘success’ and ‘leadership’ as school board member and current school board president..BUT …what he is NOT discussing is the fact that Dublin High School has gotten the lowest average SAT scores of 9 Tri-Valley High Schools. This is consistent since 2005. The last report—1573 SAT. Why would anyone move to Dublin when they can buy a house in San Ramon and those kids have an average SAT score in the 1700 range (and in some cases a full 200 points above Dublin High)! This implies San Ramon has better education. SAT is used to get your kids into a good college. The University of California colleges like an applicant to have at least 1800 and at UC Berkeley–above 2000. HAUBERT IS A LEADERSHIP FAILURE!! HE HAS NOT DONE A SINGLE THING TO IMPROVE THE SAT SCORES! THE PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING. You can validate the SAT numbers by going to the Calif. Dept. of Education Website and view them there. I just had friends who moved from Texas and they wanted to move to Dublin….but bought a home in San Ramon. Their decision was based on better schools and the higher average SAT scores! Getting into college is highly competitive and wouldn’t you want you child to have the best education and higher SAT test score? David has also taken monies from developers. This is published information. That is unethical and a conflict of interest to the position he aspires. Bad combination—taking developer monies and LEADERSHIP FAILURE!


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