City Employees to be Honored by Dublin Rotary

Luncheon will be held at the Dublin Ranch Golf Course

Submitted by the City of Dublin:

The Rotary Club of Dublin will honor three city employees – Officer Channing Rhodes, Staff Battalion Chief Brian Caminada, and Julie Carter – with their annual Superstar Award on Tuesday, May 15, 2012, at a special Rotarian lunch event at the Dublin Ranch Golf Course in Dublin.  

The Award recognizes Dublin city employees and school district officials for their embodiment of Rotarian life, as well as other core values Rotarians hold with high regard. 

The Superstar Award criteria includes:  leadership by example, ethics first (the Rotary 4-way test), openness to new ideas, and dedication to excellence.

City of Dublin Superstar Profiles

Officer Channing Rhodes joined the Sheriff’s Office on September 30, 2001 and has worked on diverse assignments at the Santa Rita Jail, Eden Township Station, and Dublin Police Services.

One of his many contributions involves developing Dublin’s Crime Free Multi-Housing program.   

By training and educating apartment managers on how to use the program, Officer Rhodes took the program to new heights. 

The program had an overall impact in keeping crime out of the community. 

The program also promoted a better understanding with apartment staff and residents on how to have a better working relationship with local law enforcement. 

Throughout his tenure at Dublin Police Services, Officer Rhodes received numerous letters of appreciation from citizens and law enforcement agencies for his outstanding work. 

His commitment and dedication to the community and the Department have earned him the nomination of Dublin Police Services’ “Officer of the Year.”

Staff Battalion Chief Brian Caminada began his career in January 1982 as a firefighter.

Three decades of service and many promotions later, Chief Caminada now serves as the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Division Chief with direct management and oversight of the Department’s Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), equipment, training and supplies.

Chief Caminada has a philosophy that he often shares with others: “Never take yourself too serious, but always take what you do very serious.”

As head of the EMS Division, Chief Caminada has utilized his experience in communications, advanced life support delivery, risk management and collaborative approach to implement many high level programs in the Alameda County Fire Department.

Some of these programs include: transitioning the new ambulance provider into the County EMS delivery system (Paramedics Plus); providing training on new equipment including the new 12-Lead EKG heat monitors; updating the Department Health and Wellness Program for Department employees; implementing Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) programs for all cities served by the Alameda County Fire Department and developing an Injury and Illness Prevention plan for the Department.

Chief Caminada currently serves as the President for the Alameda County Fire Chiefs Emergency Medical Services Section.

Julie Carter is the Human Resources Director for the City of Dublin and has been serving the Dublin community since 1999. 

In her role with the City, she has completed nearly 260 recruitments, not including the part-time positions she filled. 

In addition to her daily responsibilities, Julie chairs the City’s Safety Committee and served as the chair of the Customer Service Committee for five years.   Outside of City Hall, Julie served as the 2010 President of NORCAL HR and has been a Board member of Northern California Chapter International Public Management Association since 2005. 

Most recently, she is an Alameda County Leadership Academy graduate. 

Julie is a dedicated member of the City’s executive team and provides City staff and prospective employees with excellent customer service and always with a smile. 

One heartfelt example of Julie’s dedication followed the recent and tragic death of one the City’s beloved employees, Roberta Dikeman.  Julie provided continual guidance and support to her family that went well beyond her role at the City, coordinating and preparing Valentine’s Day cards for Roberta’s children so that they would have a normal day at school. 

She spent countless hours on the phone and in person with Roberta’s husband and friends to ensure that the family had everything they needed, from financial to emotional support.   

Julie is also well known for her event planning skills.  Julie orchestrated memorable civic celebrations that marked the City’s milestones such as Dublin’s 20th and 25th anniversaries.  

She coordinates City Council retirement celebrations, employee recognition events, and staff training, just to name a few. Julie’s creative touches and flawless execution became the hallmark of Dublin’s events. 

Julie’s event planning skills came in handy for the City’s two bids (in 2010 and 2011) to become an “All-America City,” an honor bestowed on the community in 2011. 

Julie handled logistics for the competition and served as the community member liaison in Kansas City, MO.  

With boundless energy, Julie helped to create a memorable experience each year for the Dublin residents who joined the City in receiving this great civic honor.   

In her spare time, Julie volunteers at her daughters’ (Bianca, 14 and Nicole, 10) schools and at her local church.            

“The City of Dublin is thrilled that the Rotary Club of Dublin has chosen to recognize public servants who dedicate themselves to the making our community a better place to live everyday,” said City Manager Joni Pattillo.  “I look forward to the opportunity of presenting these fantastic employees and community members with this award.”

The lunch event is from 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.  



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