BART Gets Ready For "Epic Weekend"

Extra trains ordered as sporting events, Fleet Week and concerts may make traveling tough in the Bay Area

BART is gearing up for what it's calling an "epic weekend" of travel around the Bay Area.

The transit service is putting extra trains and cars on its lines this weekend because of a plethora of big events in the Bay Area.

Among them are the Fleet Week celebrations in San Francisco Bay, America's Cup races, concerts at East Bay music venues and home games for the 49ers, Giants and possibly the Oakland A's.

BART's ramp up begins on Friday with extra cars being added to trains during non-peak hours. Special event trains will also be added, including one for a bluegrass festival in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

A dozen special event trains will run along with extra cars on regular trains on Saturday and Sunday.

Extra station agents and technicians are also being called in.

There's more information in this article posted on BART's home page.

Are you going to any of the Bay Area events? Will you take BART or avoid it? Tell us in the comments section below.


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