Dublin Book Store Groper Charged With Multiple Counts of Sexual Battery

Police are asking any victims to come forward.

- Information received from a Dublin Police Services press release

The Fremont Police Department and are jointly investigating a series of sexual batteries committed by suspect Ronald Epps, 54, of San Leandro.   

In November of 2010, Epps was charged with sexual battery stemming from an incident which occurred at a book store in the City of Fremont. On February 23, 2012, Epps was charged with an additional four counts of sexual battery from incidents stemming from a book store in Dublin. 

Epps is currently in custody for unrelated criminal matters and is a registered sex offender due to prior sex crimes convictions.

All of the crimes under investigation share a similar fact pattern: Epps enters local book stores and stands behind female shoppers. While the victims are facing away from Epps (normally reading a book) he inappropriately touches them. 

Video surveillance of Epps sexually battering multiple unknown victims has been recovered. The Fremont Police Department and Dublin Police Services Investigative Units are attempting to contact those unidentified victims. 

If you have been a victim or know of someone who has been victimized, you are encouraged to contact the Fremont Police Department or Dublin Police Services Investigative Units to report the incident.

Video surveillance will not be released to the media due to the nature of these crimes.

Contact Det. Gebhardt (Fremont Police Department) at 510-790-6954 or Sgt. Sanchez (Dublin Police Services) at 925-833-6682. 

Shimadog February 26, 2012 at 07:39 PM
No plea bargain. No parole. This pervert needs to be locked up with a cellmate who'll touch him "inappropriately" twice a day.


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