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Autopsy: BART Officer Killed by Single Shot to Chest

By Bay City News Service

An autopsy has determined that BART police Sgt. Tom "Tommy" Smith died from a single gunshot wound to his chest, an Alameda County sheriff's spokesman said today.

Smith, 42, was wearing a bulletproof vest when he was shot by a fellow officer during a probation search at an apartment in Dublin on Tuesday, but sheriff's Sgt. J.D. Nelson said such vests "don't afford 100 percent coverage of the chest area." "In this case, the bullet struck an area of Mr. Smith's chest that wasn't covered by his vest," Nelson said.

The autopsy was conducted by the Alameda County coroner's bureau on Wednesday. Smith was one of eight officers who went to an apartment at 6450 Dougherty Road in Dublin shortly before 2 p.m. on Tuesday to conduct a probation search.

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The apartment was the home of 20-year-old John Henry Lee, who is believed to have stolen a car from the Hayward BART station on Jan. 15 and then used it to rob a victim at the Fruitvale station later that day, according to police. Lee was already in custody at the time of the search.

Nelson said Smith was one of five BART detectives who were in street clothes, and they were accompanied by two uniformed BART police officers and a uniformed Dublin police officer. Outside of this morning's BART board meeting, BART Police Chief Kenton Rainey said, "Everybody is upset" about Smith's death. "It's sad and it's tragic because he was a fellow officer," he said.

A public funeral for Smith has been scheduled for 10 a.m. next Wednesday at the Neighborhood Church of Castro Valley at 20600 John Drive. There will also be a public viewing on Tuesday, from 7 to 9 p.m., at the Chapel of the Chimes at 32992 Mission Blvd. in Hayward. Smith, a 23-year veteran officer, is survived by his wife Kellie, who heads the BART Police Department's K-9 unit, and their 6-year-old daughter.
Veruca Dear January 23, 2014 at 10:39 PM
Is anyone else noticing the gaping hole of information missing in all of these reports - WHO shot him (what is the officer's name) and WHY? What the heck happened at the door of that person's house that caused another officer to open fire, obviously aiming at the chest of this officer? It is so bizarre! What a complete and utter tragedy!!
Bret January 24, 2014 at 12:20 AM
It's an ongoing investigation. How about focusing on the loss of a person serving our community and the "gaping hole" in his family's life. The details won't change the fact that his 6 year old is without her father, his wife is without her husband and his fellow officers who lost a brother. I'm sure that the final report will be released to satisfy your morbid curiosity in a few weeks. In the meantime, maybe refocus on compassion for a person that our community lost.
Autumn Johnson January 27, 2014 at 08:09 PM
BART Officials Identify Officer Who Fatally Shot Colleague http://dublin.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/bart-officials-identify-officer-who-fatally-shot-colleague_8f36a550
Autumn Johnson March 07, 2014 at 01:06 PM
Local Fundraisers Scheduled for Family of Fallen BART… http://dublin.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/local-fundraiser-scheduled-for-family-of-fallen-bart-sergeant


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