2-Acre Fire on Camp Parks Fully Contained

The fire is 100 percent contained and no smoke can be seen at this time.

UPDATE: Camp Parks officials have changed their estimate of the size of the fire from Monday. After orginally saying the fire was 50 acres, they now say, after an assesment, the fire was two acres in size.


A two-acre vegetation fire started on the property around 2:30 p.m. Public Affairs Officer Dan Gannod said.

"It was on the west side of the of the Camp Parks property in the training area," said Gannod.

According to Gannod, Camp Parks Fire Department, Cal Fire and the Alameda County Fire Department responded to the fire.

"Thanks to the quick response from Alameda County Fire, Cal Fire and our Camp Parks Fire Department they prevented damage to any structures off post or on post," commented Gannod. "The fire is 100 percent contained at this time."

"A preliminary investigation shows that sparks from welding may have started the fire," he said.


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