Does Anyone Really Take Rush Limbaugh Seriously?

This guy isn't just a liar. He's the type of political lapdog who have dominated fascistic countries throughout history.

This morning I was listening to Rush Limbaugh on Santa Cruz station KSCO, as I often do.

Yes, it's true.

I like to hear what the other side is thinking, or being brainwashed into believing.

Limbaugh is considered the No. 1 talk radio show in Talkers Magazine's yearly study, with almost 15 million daily listeners, not a small chunk.

Yet, I've only met a few people in my life who actually believed him. But I live in Santa Cruz. Travel through the Midwest and not only is Limbaugh heard in his 11 am.-2 p.m. timeslot there (it's 9 a.m. to noon here), but you can hear replays 24 hours a day.

Yesterday, Limbaugh pontificated on a study that he said showed that women taking birth control pills were more likely to vote Democratic (or "Democrat" in his Archie Bunkeresque language). The study showed that women's hormones would make them vote for the sexier candidate.

"Now you see why Obama wants women to have free birth control pills," in voice that crosses Rooster T. Feathers with Porky Pig.

But, after a commercial break, he came back and informed his listeners he had mistakenly read the study. In fact, it was talking about women who don't take the birth control pill.

Oops. So, this 10 minutes of one-half-of-his-brain-tied-behind-his-back "brilliant" analysis wasn't just wrong, it was completely opposite the truth.

No matter to Rush. He came back on, apologized for his mistake and went on to say that Republican women voted with their brains and Democratic women voted with their emotions, favoring people on welfare and such.

Limbaugh has learned nothing from his national foul-up attacking and calling Sandra Fluke a slut – she was the woman who testified before a Congressional committee and said birth control should be covered by her insurance.

That not only caused a boycott of his show by advertisers, but according to a speech by Norm Pattiz, has hurt ad sales across the board for talk radio.

The irony of Limbaugh attacking anyone as being immoral for birth control wasn't picked up by most media. Limbaugh, then unmarried, was detained for trying to transport a bottle of Viagra out of the country in 2009. In 2003 he was arrested for buying OxyContin, the painkiller known as "hillbilly heroin."

The hypocrisy of getting political insights from a drug addicted sex fiend doesn't seem to trouble his listeners...or does it? Other talk show hosts fall in line with what Limbaugh calls an "echo effect."

Even leaders take cues from Limbaugh. George W. Bush had him to the White House to celebrated the host's birthday, according to Rush and  candidate Mitt Romney seemed to be quoting him in the last presidential debate when he called President Barack Obama's diplomatic tour of Europe and the Middle East "an apology tour," something Obama said was a longtime lie.

So, do you listen for truth or comedy? Do you believe him or is it a chance to hear what uneducated people are being told?

Why on earth would such a clown be the most popular host in America?

Camaro on Cinderblocks November 02, 2012 at 08:52 PM
Why anyone listens to a guy who gobbles oxycotin like candy and spews constant hyperbole is beyond understanding.
The Truth January 09, 2013 at 08:37 PM
Yes, he is popular with a certain demo (which is quiye profitable to thim and jis employers -- I do not find him smart or funny (which is why I do not listren to his trash talk ) But like a multi-car crash -- a good many people just have to stop anad look (or listen in this case), Does this make him right or correct? No --He wants it botyh ways -- he is a "seroius} cpmmnetator -- but should not be held accountable for what he saids -- great gig -and beats working for a living-- he is catering to those who eat up the swoop he is slinging -- and he is getting rich in the process-- all these realirty shows are also cating to the same lowerst demo -- but are popular and malke money -- the bottom line is the bottom line -- If a media outlet could get you to buy their trash and bidly waste at a huge profit - they would do it.
The Truth January 09, 2013 at 08:46 PM
@Ben: Your right -- why listren to peole who have training, expereince and/or education in the areas they speak of when you can just listren to Rush and be told what to think by someone who could not maintain apersona lrelationship, never held down a real job for any length of time can semtomakeit thru higher education and who have limitedknowledge or edcation on area?! Why is Rush and his talkerpals all have substance abuse issues?
The Truth January 09, 2013 at 08:49 PM
Soundslikeareal Rush fan. Attack anyone who is smarter than you and can seesthru you self-serving BS. Noting Kava wrote here come close to the on-going nonsense of Rush and his brithen. Facts -- look into them!
JP Jon January 23, 2013 at 12:39 PM
Tis dat all you hoid? Pe'haps lisden longer dan 2 .36 minuts... may b lisden fo 10 nex tims....


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