Freezing Temperatures Hazardous to Plants and Pipes.

Frosty nights can lead to dead plants and broken pipes.

The plummeting overnight temperatures in Dublin and other Tri Valley cities over the past few weeks have wreaked havoc on climate-sensitive plants and caused some pipes to be slow running on chilly mornings.

Dean Angel, the store manager at Armstrong Nursery in Dublin, said they have had a few plants damaged by the nighttime frost the past few days.

He says that while most plants are resilient, some are not. He recommends protecting delicate plants such as citrus and succulents from frost. Angel points out that watering plants well and covering them with a frost cloth rather than burlap or sheets can help reduce the chances of damage.

Signs of frost damage include wilted looking leaves that are soft or curling and sometimes have brown spots. “Older plants have a better chance of survival [in a frost] because they have a stronger root system,” commented Angel. 

Once plants have frozen they are “usually done for, but you can leave it alone, water it and see if it leafs back. Scratch the bark and look for green. If you see brown the plant is pretty much a goner” he said.

The East Bay Municipal Utility District is offering tips to customers who are having trouble with poor water flow on mornings following a hard freeze.

They want customers to know that exposed pipes, including irrigation lines and valves, are the most vulnerable and recommend wrapping all exposed pipes to insulate them.

They do not recommend leaving a faucet running to prevent pipes from freezing.


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