Dublin Rotary Recognizes Camp Parks Soldiers for Service to Community

24 Soldiers recognized during the event in honor of Veterans Day

DUBLIN, Ca: Lauren S. sings the National Anthem during Rotary meeting Photo Credit: U.S. Army Camp Parks
DUBLIN, Ca: Lauren S. sings the National Anthem during Rotary meeting Photo Credit: U.S. Army Camp Parks
Information provided by Camp Parks—

The mood was festive but the moment was solemn and for the young lady, 
Lauren S. (last name withheld) who was about to sing the National Anthem during the opening ceremony at the Dublin Rotary meeting, it might have been too much pressure to bear. However, her outstanding performance set the tone for what was to be an equally exceptional event that honored 24 Soldiers from Camp Parks for their community service. 

The Dublin Rotary in a special event to commemorate Veterans Day honored 
the best that the Army Reserve and Camp Parks has to offer by recognizing 24 Soldiers for their service to the community. The Soldiers who belong to many of the tenant units on Camp Parks volunteered to do community service by participating in recent events like Dublin Special Olympics, NFL Punt Pass and Kick and Pleasanton Veterans Day Parade. 
“These Soldiers are the best the Army has to offer”, said Command Sergeant 
Maj. Richard Kreiberg, who is the Parks Garrison CSM. “They volunteered 
on their time off to serve their community without any expectation of rewards 
or recognition and that says a lot about their character.” Further he said, 
“It’s a special treat that the Dublin Rotary recognizes them because as a civic 
service organization we share the same ethos...service to the nation and service to the community.” 
“It was a pleasure to meet them all”, said Janine Thalblum, who is the President of The Rotary Club of Dublin, “and since our event I have run into quite a few of the same soldiers at other community volunteer projects, showing their giving nature is never ending.” Further she said, “I am honored and proud to have this fine caliber of people serving our country and our community of Dublin. Clearly the leadership at Camp Parks has developed 
amazing men and women who make our local military team one everyone should be proud of.”
Thalblum went on to say, “Rotary's primary mantra is "Service Above Self" and we choose to acknowledge our military personnel with an annual event because they exemplify the ultimate service - to both their community and their country. As a club we feel strongly that the soldiers in our community who not only are willing to put their lives on the line for us but also spend their free time giving back by volunteering in the community should be honored.” 
The Soldiers that were recognized were: First Sgt Jerry Silva, Master Sgt. 
Thomas Aiello, Master Sgt. Robert C. Patterson, Master Sgt Kathleen Vargas, 
Sergeant 1st Class Jacob Olivarez, Sergeant 1st Class Shelly Lewis, Sergeant 1st Class Michael Rivera, Sergeant 1st Class Gregory Tolbert, Staff Sgt. DewittSergeant 1st Brewer, Staff Sgt. Freddie Torres, Staff Sgt. Holly Dunn, Staff Sgt. Kimberlee Hilliard, SGT Mariano Hernandez, Cpl David McDuffey, Spc Janlynyrd Raymundo, Spc. Kimo Abrojena, and Pvt. Heeyoon Jang. 
Other Soldiers that were recognized by the Rotary but were not present were: 
Maj. Jeremy Reed, Cpt. Paul Tilton, Cpt. Amy Noble, Command Sgt. Maj. 
Robert Swift, Command Sgt. Maj. Jay Rowley and First Sgt. William Fletcher. 


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