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Dick Clark, "America's Oldest Teenager," Dead At 82

Share your memories of this iconic American figure, who hosted American Bandstand for many years.

Dick Clark, who was known as "America's Oldest Teenager" for his youthful looks years after the word "youthful" could no longer be applied to him, died today at age 82.

The American icon is best known for being the host of American Bandstand, one of the first TV shows to feature rock and roll music, and one of the longest-running, airing from 1957 to 1987. Clark introduced dozens of music legends to American teens on the show, which also featured teenaged dancers. His clean-cut appearance also helped ease the way for the music to make it into American living rooms of the far more conservative 1950s. 

Clark had a very successful run in show business since he was a very young man,

Though several generations of people came to know Clark through Bandstand, and his several popular game shows, he had clearly fallen in popularity with the younger generation. When told of his death today, two young women in their early twenties were asked who he was. 

"The Rockin' New Year's guy, right?" said one. 

"Wasn't he a news anchor or something?" asked the other. 

But for those of us born prior to 1980, Dick Clark will be a familiar, and friendly, face, and one who will be fondly remembered. 

Patch us your memories of Dick Clark in the comments. 


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