Unique Handicrafts

The first Kamba to introduce wood carving in Ukambani was MUTISYA MUGE. He started in 1916 and was selling his carvings to the army men in the First World War in 1917. Mr. Mutisya died in 1929 and was buried at his home in Wamunyu.His carvings were first displayed in Machakos in 1926 was awarded the first award by the Colonial Government. The display and show in Machakos created interest to Muge’s neighbours and he started teaching the practice.Twenty years later i.e in 1946 carvings started been sold in the other countries of the Eastern Africa and extend to Southern Rhodesia (Botswana) after which Kamba men started moving to Central Africa, Congo and then all over the world trading and teaching the art of carving. 

All our carvings are handcrafted and therefore each one of them is unique. Among our most popular products are animal artifacts, especially the "big five" (lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino, and leopard). The products shown in this website are not the complete list of what we produce. Our artisans can also produce products uniquely customized to your specifications, if you contact us. 510-996-2724

Or email for more information dataprintco@yahoo.com. Prices ranges for $60 to $100 


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