Secret Produce Bargains in Town

Looking for a good deal on your fruits and vegetables? Here are a few secret spots.

If you are on the hunt for cheap produce in Dublin, people are talking about the Indian markets in town. They are usually tucked into the smaller strip malls, but it might be worth your while to seek them out if you are searching for a bargain.  

The Namaste Plaze Indian Supermarket is at 6604 Dublin Blvd. This market is in the parking lot of . It is definitely a no-frills type of store, but it sure has some deals on produce. For instance, potatoes sell for 50 cents a pound and cauliflower goes for 99 cents a pound. All of the produce has vibrant colors. 

 is at 4552 Dublin Blvd., in the same parking lot as the . This market has a more polished look to it, but again, the produce prices can't be beat.  Green beans sell for $1.49 a pound and bananas for 39 cents a pound.

 is another option for good deals on produce. This store is at 7333 Regional St. You can visit its website online to read about weekly deals, which often include a wide selection of produce specials.

You also might try a discount grocery store —  — that just opened this week in the same shopping area as . The store claims to offer customers "brand-name products at 40 percent to 60 percent below traditional retailers." 

If you have a little bit of extra time and can't find any good sale prices on produce at  big supermarkets, why not give the small markets and newer stores a try. You may be surprised at what you find. And even better, you might end up with a few more dollars in your wallet.


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