Raley’s and Nob Hill Reach Agreement with Union

Pickets to end as employees return to work.

From Raley’s-Nob Hill Foods:

Negotiators with Raley’s Family of Fine Stores and the United Food and Commercial Workers reached an agreement today ending the 9-day old grocery strike.

“This is very exciting because this contract provides us with the cost savings we need to fund our vision and the initiatives to make us more competitive in the 21st Century,“ said Mike Teel, president of Raley’s of Family Fine Stores.  He added, “I greatly appreciate the incredible effort put forth by our employees and company during this time as well as thank the many customers who continued to support us.  As one of the last large family-owned grocery chains, it will be great to have everyone back working again.” 

No details are being made public.  The agreement, which will not be made public until it is ratified by the Union members, ends 15 months of negotiations between the two sides.   The Union will recommend ratification to its members with a vote to occur at a date to be decided in the near future.  The agreement will also be shared with the union members working at Bel Air, a grocery store chain owned by Raley’s, which was not part of the strike.

This dispute marked the first strike in the history of the 77-year old company. In recent years, there has been a huge increase of more than 240 non-union retailers either opening or expanding their stores specifically to sell groceries.  This, coupled with the recession and skyrocketing health care costs, created a number of issues which both the store and the union had to work through.

Said Teel, “It is important to remember that everyone including our employees, our customers, our company and the communities we serve have suffered in this labor dispute.  So, it gives me great pleasure to know that as of today our employees will be back to work serving our customers with the same attention and care as we have always served our customers at Raley’s and Nob Hill.”


Larry Kinslow November 18, 2012 at 11:36 PM
Man, you just don't get it!
Fred Eiger November 19, 2012 at 12:01 AM
NO Larry, you and the rest of these welfare parasites who have no knowledge of the Constitution, economics nor value of hard work are the scary ones. You have an entitlement mentality. I like to just call it what it really is; welfare centered and lazy.
Larry Kinslow November 19, 2012 at 12:08 AM
You get upset Freddie, because you're "insecure" and you probably realize that a lot of the things said about you are true! I don't get upset at the words uttered about me from the "likes" of you. I'm secure and "know" the truth about myself.
Frank Mockery November 19, 2012 at 12:08 AM
Au contraire,mi amigo - I'm whiter,angrier & most likely older than you ! I'm also undoubtably brighter,better informed,better educated,better spoken,better looking,better company & just plain better than you,go figure ! Just because the Grand Old Party has a monopoly on Bible based bigots doesn't mean that all the sharp tongued character assassins are self-righteous simpletons as well ! Some of us can give it back as well or better than our feeble-minded foes who spew reugnant rhetoric from their putrid pieholes ! The only thing I enjoy more than the look on a child's face when they're given a balloon is the look on their face when you pop it & I certainly enjoy "pricking" other people's balloons ! It's time for the conservative cretins to capitulate to the will of the voters & assume the position of doggie submission - "move over little dog,big ol' dog is moving in" ! - George Thorogood Au revoir,mi amigo ! LMFAO !
David Mills November 19, 2012 at 12:11 AM
Hi, folks... thank you for your comments and the lively discussion. We feel everyone has had a chance to express themselves on this story, so we are closing off comments.


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