Gold N' Treasures Closes After Shooting; Neighbors React

Employees and customers at neighboring businesses said they didn't notice anything wrong until after the botched robbery.

A day after an attempted robbery at that left an 18-year-old would-be robber dead, the jewelry store announced it would be closed for the next several days.

The storefront was empty and the lights were off in the shop on the 2500 block of San Ramon Valley Boulevard. A note on the front door explained the closure:

To Our Customers and Friends,

Due to an un-fortunate incident we will be closed for the next several days. We appreciate your support and understanding.

The Gold N' Treasures Team

On Wednesday afternoon, , San Ramon Police said. One of the robbers, , 18, brandished a gun and was shot by someone in the store. He then left the store, collapsed on San Ramon Valley Boulevard, and later died at .

Police are still seeking the other three suspects, who police said left the scene in a 1990s white sedan.

According to Mantra.com, a small business website, the store is owned by Everett Parvin.

Parvin could not be reached for comment.

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The candy store next door to Gold N' Treasures, Oh So Sweet, , is also owned by the Parvin family. It was closed Thursday as well.

Employees and customers at neighboring businesses said they didn't hear the gunshot but that the shopping center turned into a hectic scene after the robbery attempt.

Jessica Lin, owner of , which is located a few stores down from Gold N' Treasures, said she didn't hear the gunshot but saw "three young kids" who were "skinny, tall and black and wearing t-shirts" run away from the scene.

Next door, at , Jeannie Kohles arrived around 4 p.m. and was eating and talking with the staff. She didn't notice anything out of the ordinary until she heard helicopters outside.

"We knew something had happened," Kohles said. "We went outside and saw the helicopters and police cars and the police started closing off the area."

Hairstylist Dalila Castanon, who works at Twenty-Five+Fifty Hair Studio, which is about 30 yards from Gold N' Treasures, also didn't hear anything and thought it might have been a hit-and-run when she first noticed police arriving at the scene.

Gloria Cheung, an employee at , wasn't working Wednesday, but said the shooting has effected business.

"We haven't had any customers last night or this morning and we're not expecting any tonight," Cheung said. "Hopefully it doesn't stay like that for long."

The shooting Wednesday was in the same shopping center as the . In that incident, San Ramon police officers shot Joseph John Baumgardner after he pointed a gun at them.


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