Blossom Bee: A Creperie That Makes You Feel at Home

The locally owned restaurant offers fresh crepes and Thai Cuisine.

Bea Maraqatr knew exactly what she wanted when she opened up a year ago: Savory and sweet crepes combined with Thai fusion flavors in an intimate setting for the residents of Dublin and beyond.

Although crepes originate in France, Bea's Thai heritage plays a big role in the flavors of crepes she serves at Blossom Bee.

"We have breakfast crepes. We have savory crepes. We are very unique. We put thai flavors in [some] of our crepes. People here also love cheese so we make sure to put cheese in our crepes. If people don't like what is on our menu, we can customize for you," said Maraqatr.

Customizing is not the only thing keeps this thriving crepe business growing.

"We have gluten-free crepes," said Maraqatr.

"Now when people come here we can offer them other options besides what is on our menu."

Upon entering Blossom Bee on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I was able to taste one of their most popular menu items - the Thai Yellow Curry Crepe, which comes with fresh, made-to-order chicken, potato, and carrots, all cooked with traditional yellow curry flavors.

The dish comes with a healthy portion of salad (and this is no small side salad) spruced up with slivers of radish and carrot, plump cherry tomatoes, and a sweet Thai dressing. It's the perfect accompaniment to the savoriness of the crepe.

The crepe itself was very filling, as there is nothing skimpy about these thin pancake-like wonders. They are generously filled with whatever you'd like. I was literally able to see the lumps of chicken, potato, and carrot beneath the fluffiness of the crepe. As I made my way through eating it, I found myself taking my time to enjoy the velvety texture of the crepes' lining. I sipped a Thai iced tea alongside my meal and was content. 

Although Blossom Bee's location is somewhat hidden (it's located behind Jack in the Box on Village Parkway) this creperie has some strip mall credibility with a family feel.

Chris Sirinopwongsagon, a server at Blossom Bee is there almost every day with his parents who also help with the restaurant. The family vibe carries over to the portion sizes of the dishes. Sirinopwongsagon said the restaurant sometimes does family style portions, in which you you order a plate of different crepes and share the dish together.

This option, although not on their menu, is another way Blossom Bee strives to make their customers happy.

For Maraqatr, offering discounts and seasonal specials are important to Blossom Bee's model. Dublin Seniors can appreciate that Blossom Bee offers a 10 percent discount on their meals.

"When we first opened up, we contacted the San Ramon and . We let them know anyone 60 years and older can enjoy their discount," she said.

For St. Patrick's Day last March, they offered a green-colored crepe that was hit. This year, a special holiday crepe will be introduced, so stay tuned.

Whether you crave savory, sweet, or Thai flavors, there is crepe for you on their menu and if not, they will customize almost any crepe you covet. You can be assured that along with your meal, you will be treated as if you were family and Maraqatr and her team will make you feel at home. 

* As of November 5th the menu now offers add on thai cuisine, smoothies, and noodle bowls. 

Wenda Friesner November 23, 2011 at 02:33 PM
I've enjoyed lunch at Blossom Bee on at least four occasions. Each time the crepes were excellent and delicious. Mmmmm...time to go there again!
Erika Conner November 23, 2011 at 06:46 PM
Wendy... What kind of crepes do you recommend there?


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