Why Jazzin' For a Cure Meant So Much

A Dublin High student explains why the second annual Jazzin’ For a Cure was a night full of music and hope.

Jazz students, families, friends and teachers from three cities came together Friday night to raise money for the fight against cancer and ALS. Instead of performing as rivals, , and Dougherty Valley, Foothill and Dublin high schools put on a joint show for a good cause.

The event kicked off with an emotional speech by music director . His heartwarming story of a band parent with ALS reminded the audience why supporting the fight against various diseases is important. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a motor neuron disease that eventually leaves a person unable to move. After Everts was done speaking, there was not a dry eye in the house.

The Foothill High School jazz band's set included unique and exciting numbers, including a Radiohead cover. 

The Wells Middle School jazz band got the evening going with upbeat tunes and an outstanding vocalist who kept the audience entertained and impressed. The young musicians played as well as their high school counterparts, earning a standing ovation and encore.

After a short intermission, Dougherty Valley High School did its set. Although much smaller than the other schools, the band performed fun and diverse music, including a rendition of Blackbird.

It was not possible for Dougherty Valley and Dublin High to be in the same room without a bit of rivalry fun. Dougherty jazz band director Teri Musiel, noting that the group lacked a trombone player, said, “If there are any trombone players at Dublin, feel free to transfer." Everts quickly answered “No!” as the audience erupted in laughter.

Foothill High School jazz band's set included unique and exciting numbers, including a Radiohead cover. One of the numbers featured two outstanding singers, which was certainly a highlight of the evening.

The Dublin High School jazz band was the last to play and ended the event on a high note. The audience was enthusiastic, clapping along to the music.

The combination of jazz, delicious treats and great atmosphere made for a successful evening that raised money for cancer and ALS research. Jazzin’ For a Cure will only get better; Dublin is fortunate to host such a heartwarming event.

Stephanie Harper May 25, 2011 at 09:28 PM
Sounded like an awesome event! Yay Dublin schools!


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