Weeds Gone, Abandoned Lot Sprouts Beautiful Home

An open house will be held this week for the home that’s replaced weeds and a chain link fence.

An open house will be held at 8010 Holanda. (Photo Credit: Glenn & Melanie Arace)
An open house will be held at 8010 Holanda. (Photo Credit: Glenn & Melanie Arace)

For nearly a decade, 8010 Holanda was a vacant lot sprouting weeds, surrounded by a chain link fence. No more, it’s been replaced by a beautiful home that’s an asset to the neighborhood. Can you feel the soaring property values?

The eyesore was the result of a house fire. Dublin City Councilmember David Haubert says that a city policy designed to encourage the quick replacement of a burned home backfired in this case.  According to Haubert, “Our old policy said that a burned down home needed to be replaced within 2 years, or subject to new impact fees.  While the intent of the former policy was to provide an incentive to re-build before the two year mark it actually worked against us because it was a barrier to re-building.  ‘Stick’ policies which are barriers are counter-productive to ‘carrot’ policies which encourage success.” 

Haubert worked with city staff to waive the fees and change the policy. The result is the beautiful home pictured here. An open house will be held at the home on May 8, 7-8 p.m. 

Haubert is pleased with the outcome for the whole community, saying, “instead of chain link fences and weeds the neighborhood now enjoys a beautiful new home.  Neighbors are happy, the landowner is happy, people driving to Dublin El each day are probably happy and I, as a Dublin City Councilmember, am very happy!”


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