Scared of Heights? WATCH: Patch Editor Off the Ledge on County Fair Zip Line

Have you tried the new ZipIt Mobile Zip Line at the Alameda County Fair? We did.

PLEASANTON, Ca: Alameda County Fair Marketing Manager Angel Moore with Patch Editor Autumn Johnson
PLEASANTON, Ca: Alameda County Fair Marketing Manager Angel Moore with Patch Editor Autumn Johnson

extreme or irrational fear of heights. 

It started out as a good-natured challenge caught on tape last week. 

While giving Patch Editor Autumn Johnson the annual preview tour of the fair attractions, Alameda County Fair Marketing Manager Angel Moore jokingly suggested that the duo try one of this season's newest fair attractions, the "ZipIt Mobile Zip Line."

"We're really excited about it, Autumn and I are going to zip line this year," Moore said on camera. "Stay tuned for that one, that will be exciting."

Not one to shy away from a challenge (especially one made on camera), Johnson, who suffers from an extreme fear of heights, apprehensively accepted. On Tuesday, Johnson and Moore made good on their ironclad fair pact and took their fears to the top of the Zipit Mobile Zip Line tower. 

Zip line expert Rick Parsons of Vancouver, Washington helped talk the two into their safety harnesses and off the top of the 28-foot-tall tower in an inaugural leap of faith zipping to the safety of the terra firma at the end of the line.

Parsons, who exudes a calm and patient demeanor, told Patch that he talks people with severe acrophobia into making the jump more times than he can count on a daily basis. 

"You will love it," he told Johnson and Moore. The zip line guru must know what he is talking about because the pair willingly made the jump not only once for the bucket list but twice for good measure.

"Despite the fact that I get anxiety even when descending steep stairs, I would definitely do this again," Johnson said. "It was awesome."

Moore said the experience was "empowering and a lot of fun."

Interested in trying the zip line for yourself? ZipIt will be at the fair until July 6.

Have you tried the new zip line attraction at the fair? Tell us in the comments section.

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Melanie Santostefano June 27, 2014 at 03:14 PM
Hey!! So proud of you Lady! Great job!!!!
James Nelson June 30, 2014 at 11:51 AM
Pfft, that's child's play. Thick rope lathered in Candle Wax with a thick tree branch at a minimum of 70 feet up = Zipline. No Safety Mechanisms, nobody waiting at the bottom, just you and Physics.
Autumn Johnson June 30, 2014 at 05:59 PM
@James: You first. :)
James Nelson July 01, 2014 at 03:21 AM
Autumn, I've made several around my town, damn cops keep coming along and tearing em down. Now I realize, that Private Property means it's off limits to people like me, but come on, all the best high points are on Private Property and it's not like I'll get away with zipping down a utility pole, lol. One of the best Ziplines I ever made was on Pacific Railroad Property, it was a multiple transfer point Zipline, basically tree to tree, Couple friends and I built a tree house in the tallest tree on the property, took us about three months, always moving under the cover of darkness with drill bits, boards, foundation etc. Eventually we had built a total of 5 tree houses on the property and invited the homeless to live in them. The primary tree house consisted of three floors and a Balcony, it had Power thanks to the stolen car batteries, and we even had running water! Unfortunately after a mere 5 months, one fateful July 4th 1999 the Police came and raided us.
James Nelson July 01, 2014 at 03:47 AM
This fourth of July is actually my 15th anniversary since the first time I was handcuffed and placed in the back of a squad car! Tried getting away on foot but the cops surrounded us on the property and so we all hid. I was caught fifteen minutes later hiding under some plywood when a cop walked up and put a shotgun to my head and told me "he'd blow my effing head off". From there I was handcuffed, detained and forced to sit Indian Style on the ground. I had a bit of an authority problem so one of the cops had to force me to the ground. LOL. The next thirty minutes was spent being a smartass and then having the officer threaten to "beat my ass" for talking back to him. Once my friends were all rounded up, a patty wagon showed up from a neighboring police department, 13 of us got busted that night. When they got me back at the station they tried threatening me with all kinds of crap like charging me with "Gang Affiliation" cause one guy just happened to be in a gang, Possession of Explosives and a couple other charges. In the end due to my being a minor and the evidence at hand I was slapped with Curfew Violation, Trespass, "Minor in Possession of Lighter" and Minor in Possession of Fireworks.11:57 PM Friday Night, 15 years! Ahhh memories!


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