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Great Horror Campout Coming to Alameda County Fairgrounds

Tickets are available now.

The Great Horror Campout is a wickedly frightening overnight camping experience set among the Alameda County Fairgrounds. 

Lasting 12 hours, campers will find themselves confronting every fear that haunted them as children -- and the chilling possibility of meeting creepy creatures thought to have only existed in legend. 

Throughout this "choose your own adventure-style interactive frightfest," you can decide how extreme your individual experience will be, with several low-scare tents and activity areas labeled "Chicken Zones." 

(If you get too frightened, you can always shout the safe phrase -- "I want my mommy!" -- and the nightmare will end.) Each ticket includes accommodations for one in a four-person tent, parking, all of the Great Horror Campout activities, a commemorative bag, plus a continental breakfast -- if you survive until morning.

For more information, please visit http://www.greathorrorcampout.com/.

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