Danville's 2030 Gereral Plan

Danville Residents unite to preserve property rights

Yesterday the people of Danville bound together and united in their fight to keep control of the Danville's future growth. Residents throughout the region are fed up with being forced to accepted pre-determined type, style and numbers of homes that will be built in their communities. These mandates are being placed on communities by organizations such as ABAG and MTC to fulfill “THEIR” vision of a “ONE BAY AREA”. ABAG and MTC hold the purse strings of taxpayer money and use it as they seem fit to cities that are in line with their philosophy of cramming as many people into the smallest amount of space. What's worse, the people at MTC and ABAG are not elected and we have no recourse against them, We can not vote them out of office because they are unelected. Yes, unelected people are deciding where your taxpayer money will be spent. This is all being done under the umbrella of becoming a more “Sustainable Community”. 

As a conservative, not right or left, I believe that the cities should be able to guide their own future. I’ve watched how our property rights are being confiscated with regulations. We are suffocating from eminent domain through policy change and property re-designation. In the past eminent domain was obvious, the Government would just take your property… end of story. Well, they’ve changed tactics. Now they prepare expensive presentation and convince you into forfeiting your future property rights. They do this by using phrases such as; “We need to be more sustainable and pay our fair share” or “We need to contribute to the greater good of our neighbors by applying the rule of Social Justice”. It appears that the good people of Danville saw right through the smoke and mirrors of the highly paid consultants (Paid for by our tax dollars) supplied by our comrades at AGAB and the MTC. I asked for a show of hands on who supported the 2030 General plan vision and who opposed it; 2 voted in support and 250+- voted against it.

Remember to think hard of whom you vote into office at the State, County, City and Town level. Do they have your best interest in mind? Do they share your belief that Property Rights and the preservation of them are one of the most valuable rights that we have.

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Danville Family December 16, 2012 at 06:55 PM
So does this mean we in Danville are now protected? I hope so! Danville and Alamo are unique in their small town feel which allows us to be that tight-knit community. BIgger cities known for crime (Oakland, Stockton, etc) were too once small towns that added high density, low income housing with disastrous results. How do we fight against this AGAB and MTC? How can an unelected body have this kind of power? I'd be curious to know who voted in favor of this 2030 plan - elected officials? Thank you for your help with this
Danville Fan December 16, 2012 at 09:22 PM
So is the plan stopped thanks to our Council Members who voted against it?
RWCook December 17, 2012 at 05:58 AM
Thanks for fighting the UN agenda 21 coercion that's happening all over the country...
Johnny Johnson December 18, 2012 at 06:52 AM
2nd units and in-law units can be used to meet the ABAG "affordable" housing requirements, but nobody mentions it but me.........there is no requirement that you have to rent the units. They just have to be built. These can increase the value of a home and not decrease it. Something to think about folks!


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